Aims & Objectives
The objects for which Association is incorporated are:
To protect the interests of all persons dealing in L.P.G. Distributors and encourage, inculcate and foster spirit of friendliness, unity and cooperation and cordial business and trade relations and dealings amongst members
To promote and protect the business of L.P.G. DISTRIBUTORS in Pakistan.
To make representation to and communicate the Federal, Provincial Governments, Local or other authorities with Government and private on any matter effecting the business of its members.
To initiate, take protect, promote and support legitimate interest of the members including those necessary for in the interest of Pakistan.
To publish or in case to be published or and support publication, bulletins or any other information useful or beneficial to the members of the Association.

To borrow or raise money for the purposes of the Association upon such terms and conditions and on such Securities as may be determined reasonable and in particular by mortgage, charge or lien or by issue of debentures charged upon all or any of the properties of the Association.


To secure and accept subscriptions, donations, subsidies gifts, endowments and properties and generally to obtain money and property for the objects of the Association and to invest, apply or deal with the same in such manners as may be deemed expedient.


To assist members in all possible ways ordinarily and particularly when their business, interest or trade is affected prejudiced or jeopardized.


To manage to provide convenient premises and facilities to the members for carrying on trade and business.


To collect useful information and statistics and to supply the same to the members of the Association or the Government or to others who are concerned.


To obtain sanctions, privileges, advantages, relies, cooperation, etc. from any authority in the interest of the members industries, manufacturers and traders.


To accept, draw, endorse and execute cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments.


m. To acquire, buy, sell, take on lease, contract or dispose of lands, buildings and other articles and properties in the best interest of the Association.


To endeavor with Recognized/Registered Chambers and Associations of Pakistan and to seek affiliation or liaison with similar other bodies abroad with prior approval of the Government.


To incur necessary expenses (including preliminary expenditures) and to invest money of the Association on any enterprise for the benefit of the members as a whole provided that the money so invested is not immediately required by the Association.


To frame, vary, modify and/or amend from time to time the Arbitration rules of the Association.


To undertake special investigation study research and enquiries.


To advise and assist the Government in the formulation of useful and progressive policies and to cooperate.


To take measures to eradicate unethical practices in the field of trade, commerce and industry.


To subscribe to and become members of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry and to cooperate with and/or to produce and communicate with any incorporate Organization of trade, commerce and industry such information as may be likely to further the aims and objects of the Association.

And generally to do all that may be conducive or necessary to achieve and attain all or any of the aims and objects of the Association directly and indirectly.
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